"Experts say your slides should tell a story in pictures." -- Dilbert

How has the world of Hollywood, slick multi-media, sophisticated audiences changed the face of getting the message out?

Inundated with images, surrounded by technology and access....overrun by messages how to best connect with your audience.....

What makes a good story?
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Storytelling Activates the Brain! (Ed Reach Podcast)
"What Listening to a Story Does to Our Brains" from
Andy Goodman Makes Storytelling a Piece of Cake from

Telling Your Story:

Story Spine Activity:
  • Once upon a time ...
  • And every day ...
  • Until one day ...
  • And because of that ...
  • And because of that ...
  • Until, finally ...
  • And, ever since that day ...

Practice Storytelling with the Story Spine
iPhone app for Story Spine

Google Doc Template for StorySpine
(once you reach the template, from the File menu in Google (not at the top of the browser), choose “Make a copy” and you will have your own version of the template)

More about the Story Spine:

7 Tips for Storytelling:

On your own:
What’s your story??
What is your STAR moment?? (Something To Always Remember)

Who has told your story already??
Locate published examples and evaluate.