Questions posed by attendees:

My question is regarding timing - how do you judge how long Keynotes should be for optimum time that people can focus.

18 minutes

I would like to learn more about: Finding different templates to use for slide shows (other than the stock Ppt ones) How best to find free images and music to use in presentations.


I'd like to be able to insert video more easily. And, whatever else you may think would be good to keep it interesting!

YouTube embed vs. PPT (If needed to present offline, consider

What are some strategies to keep an audience engaged during a presentation? How long can we anticipate to "captivate" an audience before losing them? With a short amount of time, how do we put an in depth analysis in a few bullet points/words?

Consider Graphics and Visuals -- remember the story!

How can I take a PowerPoint presentation that has some pretty dry but important info and make it more engaging for the participants?

See Duarte tips:

I just want to gain tips on how to engage the audience beyond a traditional PowerPoint.
I simply want to walk away with new ideas to facilitate meaningful presentations that support a variety of understanding levels. I guess as I reflect more, it’s about engaging in authentic opportunities with the topic or content of the presentation.

Design the storyline. Create the setting, protagonist, relationships, and protagonist’s unfulfilled desire. Create imbalance (confrontation and obstacles) that prevents attainment of desire. Show the protagonist striving for balance, and finally, resolution.

I would like to learn more about how to integrate Prezi into presentations. Also, I would like to integrate more video style presentations with powerpoint and movie maker.


What is the best medium to use when presenting information, besides PowerPoint. That gets way to boring and too many people over use it. Is there a medium that is better for specific audiences?

I would like to know how to make presentations more interactive and engaging to the audience

I am interested in making my presentations as interactive and mulit-media as possible. I would love to learn of examples of how to use QR codes within presentations to increase the interactivity of the program. I would love some primarily free resources for music clips, video, etc. I love more tips for animation. Would also like to know about other sources for presentations beyond Powerpoint--Slide Rocket, Google. I love the idea of embedding "just in time resources" into presentations such as taking small video clips of participants and embedding them into the presentation. We don't have SMART Board access yet. But, I would like to learn more about how professional presenters use them to increase the engagement of their audiences. Sorry about so many interests. If I can walk away with a few resources and examples, I would be happy.

I’m interested in learning about ways to create presentation on my iPad. I have Keynote, and have used it but want to increase my utilization. Also, are there other apps that are more effective?

I will be working on a presentation about our new freshmen program and it will be presented to our Board of Education. I will need to know how my presentation can be very visual and informative, but at the same time entertaining. My presentation will have to be ten minutes or less.

How do u write outcomes that align with ICLLC?
How do you determine if your presentation is process oriented or outcome oriented?
How do you write a title that makes people want to attend your presentation?